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December 10th - Christmas meeting and Cyril Parsons entertains

The last meeting of 2014 started with Cyril showing pictures of the Post Office Underground Railway, which as Cyril explained was completely driverless and although it no longer caries the post it is shortly to reopen giving rides to visitors of the national postal museum, At the break we shared some Christmas delights in the form of Mince pies Cake and nibbles. washed down with a glass of wine or fruit juice.

November 12th Tony Stanford, British Levant.

Tony kindly stepped in to show us material from Levant which included covers dating from 1859 when the British Post Office opened up in Constantinople and included letters from the war in Crimea also items carried on the Danube and Black Sea railway.

The main focus of the display were the British overprinted stamps in use up to the First world war when the post offices in the Levant closed.

October 8th

A visit from the Maidenhead Philatelic Society.

Three members of the Maidenhead society gave displays on varied subjects including Aland, Halfpenny bantams of Great Britain and the Boy Scouts which included many items from the Jubilee Jamboree of 1957 which was held in Sutton Coldfield.

Rex Dixon.

Gregg Wynn

Tony Simmonds

Aylesbury PS Members

July 9th. “Your very loving Madeline” by Dane Garrod.

Danes display centred around a Lady named Madeline Agnew, later to become Madeline Clifton, She was born in 1847 at Exton hall in Oakham and married Harry Lytham in 1867. Harry died in 1880 leaving Madeline with 7 children to bring up she married again at the age of 41. Madeline Died in 1907 and Danes display featured letters written by her and to her which included many from aristocracy and Royalty. A most interesting story which took Dane to the many corners of Britain to research at no small cost.

Photo’s feature Dane studying items from his display with members of the audience.

April 9th 2014 - Dr Alan Huggins. MBE, RDP, FRPSL

Stamps with large margins- An introduction to Postal Stationary.

Alan’s collection started with the very first example of postal stationary which was in the form of an embossed impression on a sheet which could be used as pre-paid envelope. Items which were also displayed included Air Mail, Express delivery, Lettercards, newspaper wrappers, all offered with a detailed history of the item shown.

The last quarter of the display included pre paid exhibition covers mint and used, plus postal stationary with advertising postcards.

February 12th 2014.Prof Ian Stevenson FRPLS. Canadian Pacific.

In the first half of the evenings display Ian showed how the Canadian Pacific Railway was founded in 1881 and was built to form a route between the Pacific and the Atlantic which benefited the Postal service of the time, The company was granted land 20 miles either side of the track by the government of the time. The C.P.R then built hotels along the route, and Ian showed material connected with this. Here Ian is seen showing a CPR bond.

In the second half Ian talked about the company’s other assets which included Passenger liners and Aircraft, all of which carried mail which Ian showed to the members with great enthusiasm, and combined with his vast knowledge of the subject made for a most enjoyable evening.

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